Together… With You

Issue 206 | May 2022

After a hibernation largely due to COVID-19 issues, we are offering again this publication Flimkien (Together) in a new format and distributed to households in Malta.

This is an initiative of the College of Maltese Parish Priest.  They would like to offer to all persons of good will and Christians in Malta an aide memior to appreciate all that is beautiful and fulfilling in contemporary society living in Malta.  They believe so much in this attitude that this publication will be bi-lingual.

We can make a difference.  Each one contributes in creating an environment where human and christian values inspire a fulfilling way of life.  Flimkien provides a discussion space where we highlight all that is beautiful or less meaningful hoping for a better society.   This we can achieve together, irrespective of differences of creed, political opinion, sexual orientation, skin colour and gender.  We need to join together and promote an environment conducive to an improved public life for ourselves and future generations. We either hang together or we hang one by one!

It is not our intention to impose opinion or even ourselves.  We just want to facilitate and contribute to what makes us fully human and fully alive. Thus, this publication does not only provide a voice in the idea marketplace, but is a publication intending to listen and welcome disparate voices in our society.  We want to accompany each other as we meet the aspirations of our lives.

We would like to listen to all voices: young, old and seniors; professionals, employers and employees, those who housebound, pensioners and grandsparents.  We are all challenged to live our own life with a passion, creativity and integrity; but above all we are called to join one another in solidarity working towards societal common good.

Flimkien wants to be a positive force in our society, promoting hope, trust and respect to one another.  We are reaching out to you in print. Social media channels will be reaching you in the coming weeks.

Flimkien engages with you in dialogue: talking and listening to you as we all live our own personal calling. We awaiting in listening.  Reach out to us on [email protected]

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